SPS Solar MPPT Charge Controller 48/60/72/96/120/144V RED-80A 4 Line Display


MPPT Solar Management Unit 48/60/72/96/120/144V

Battery Bank 48 volt to 144 volt

MPPT 24v/48v Automatic 80 Amps 4 Stage Charging: Bulk, Abortion, Float and Equalize

Support all type solar panel

Four battery inverter system efficiency 95-97%, directly use 48 volt solar panel with 24 volt battery

SPS Solar MPPT Charge Controller is the best MPPT Charge Controller that extracts 100% power from panels and boosts current. However ,PWM Solar charge controller, extract 60 to 70 percent power from solar panels. SPS solarcharge controller auto detect ,12V 24v battery bank. It supports LA, SMF, Solar batteries and with 4 stage charging (Bulk, Absorption, Float & Equalize), it performs controlled charges and ensures longer battery life . In MPPT vs PWM test, MPPT charge controller circuit has >95% to 98% efficiency. MPPT solar charge controllers are useful for off-grid solar power systems such as stand-alone solar power system ( ups ), solar home system and solar water pump system, etc.

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Battery voltage Min Voc Max Voc Panel Wp
48V 60V 200V 3000Wp
72V 90V 200V 4000Wp
96V 120V 250V 5000Wp
120V 150V 280V 6000Wp
144V 180V 280V 7000Wp


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