LAGNUVO 3000 VA / 24 Volt Sinewave Inverter


Lagnuvo Helio 3000 VA sinewave inverter made with copper transformer. This is the highest capacity inverter under 12 volt single battery based system. Lagnuvo Helio 3000 has builtin grid charging control switch and also has MCB for extra protection. LCD and LED indication helps user to know its status. Easly convert to solar PCU by adding suitable MPPT to this unit

Microcontroller based line interactive technology

Soft start facility

Intelligent audio / visual indication
Intelligent Automatic control
Quick battery charging
Battery overcharge / deep discharge protection

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Battery input voltage : 24 v

Main input voltage : 230V AC, 50Hz

Mains input range : 0V -270V , 45Hz – 65Hz
Main high voltage withstand : upto 440V


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