• ALFA PRO is an 5kVA MPPT Solar PCU designed to extract maximum power from Solar Panels to save electricity bills
  • UTL Alfa+ 548 is 5kVA 48V Model (requires: 4 x 12V Solar Batteries)
  • Inverter Technology Appliances like AC/Fridge can be easily run, Also Water Pump 2HP of Crompton or Kirloskar are successfully tested
  • We recommend user to choose UTL highly efficient solar panels and Batteries to get maximum output. However other brands Solar Panels & Batteries are also supported
  • Please note: installation not included and user need to hire an expert engineer. All the warranties will be given by UTL as per their policies
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Particulars Description
Solar PCU Capacity 5KVA 48V
Input Voltage Range (Min-Max) 80-160 VDC
Maximum PV Power Recommended 5KW
MPPT Controller DSP
Type of Charger MPPT
Efficiency 95%
Battery Low Buzzer Battery Low Cut +0.2 V
Battery Low Cut 10-11.7 V
Battery High Cut (INV.) SPV Present-SPV CHG. REF +1V for 15Sec, SPV CHG. REF +1.5V for 2Sec
Battery High Cut (INV.) SPV Absent-SPV CHG. REF for 15Sec, SPV CHG. REF +0.2V for 2Sec
Battery Charging Voltage by SPV 13.5-16 V
Battery Charging Current by SPV 12-60 A
Battery Charging Voltage by Grid 13.0-15.5 V
Battery Charging Current by Grid 6-15 A
Grid Low Cut Voltage (IT Mode/Normal) NA/120-200 V
Grid High Cut Voltage (IT Mode/Normal) NA/245-280 V
Grid Charging Enable/Disable
IT Load Enable/Disable
Operating Mode Smart/PCU/Hybrid
Output Voltage Low 170-190 V
Output Voltage High 250-260 V
No Load Shut Down Enable/Disable
Input Source Grid/Genset
Grid Disconnect (Solar Available) PCU/SMART (Battery) @14.5/Battery for 2minutes or 13.5/Battery-100% Current
Grid Reconnect (PCU Mode/Smart Mode) (Battery) 11-12V
Temp. Compensation (Battery) @3mV/cell/°C ; 18mV/Battery/°C
Inverter Switching Element Mosfet
Inverter Control PWM
Inverter Nominal Output Voltage 220 VAC
Inverter Output Supply Phase 1Phase, 3Wire
Inverter Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Inverter Nominal Frequency 50.0 Hz
Load Current 18 A
Voltage Regulation 1%
Output Voltage Distortion with 100% Linear Load <3%
Peak Efficiency >88 %
Cooling Temp Controlled, Fan
Protections Overload, Battery Low, Battery High, Output Low, Output High, Output Short Ckt., Overheat, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, Solar Panel Reverse
Display Parameters Battery Voltage, Charging Current, Discharging Current, Charging KWH, Discharging KWH, Solar Voltage, Solar Current, Instantaneous Power, Cumulative Power, Grid Voltage, Grid Current, Grid Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Current, Output Frequency NLSD En/Dn, IT Load En/Dn Grid Charger En/Dn, Operating Mode PCU/SMT/HYD
Switches Reset for System ON/OFF, UP, DOWN, BACK, ENTER (for LCD Configuration)
Indications System ON, Inverter ON, SPV Charging, Grid Charging, Battery Low/High, Overload, Overheat, Mains Low, Mains High, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, NLSD, Fault
Degree of Protection IP21

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Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 45 cm


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