Smarten Superb 5250 mppt inverter 5 KVA – 48V


Smarten Superb 5200 solar off grid inverter is made with super quality, superior solar inverter with mppt charge controller, which assures you the happiness of uninterrupted power supply. It comes with customer demands like digital display, updated DSP Controller etc.

If you are living in area where having shorter power cuts but wish to work high load home equipments such as Induction cooker, Electric barbeque grill, AC. This is one of the best product to purchase in 5 KVA / 48 Volt.Smarten Superb solar inverter is 30% more efficient than general solar inverter. We can adjust battery’s depth of discharge options for our different load consumption. With low voltages charging, 10 millisecond changeover time and three level protection.

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