Loom Solar 3 KVA Hybrid Energy Storage System with 7.2Kwhr Li-Ion Battery


Loom Solar Energy Storage System is new stunning and powerful premier segment solar energy storage system for the Indian Market. A perfect combination of robust hybrid inverter technology with an energy pack of upto 14.4KWhr of Li ion battery provides enough punch run your 1.5T air conditioner for long hours.

It is set to revolutionize the immense domestic market. Making solar accessible to every household. The grid synchronized plus storage based solar inverter promises 100% utilization of power as compared to conventional solar PCUs. Now you can store the electricity according to time of day and and export to grid during lean load periods or when you are not at home. Run your loads on its heavy-duty inverter system and save on high electricity bills.

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Battery Pack
Battery Type LifePo [LFP TYPE]
Storage Capacity 7.2 kWhr
BMS Active BMS Inbuilt
Max. Charge / Discharge Rate 0.5C/1C Rate
No. of Cycles >3000
MPPT Solar Charge Controller
MPPT Technology Buck Type
Input PV Capacity [in KW] Same as Inverter Capacity
Max. Open Circuit Voltage[VOC] 185V DC
MPPT Input Range 66-147V DC
MPPT Efficiency 95%
Power Rating 3KVA Hybrid Inverter
Inverter Type Hybrid
Ouput Voltage[Standalone Mode] 230VAC +/- 2%
Ouput Freqency[Standalone Mode] 50Hz +/- 2%
Output Power Same as Inverter Capacity
Overload 60 Sec|30 Sec|5 Sec 110%|125%|150%
Auto Bypass Provided
Grid Synchronisation Provided
Grid Charging Enable/Disable [Optional]
Export to Grid Enable/Disable [Optional]
Grid Import/Export power Same as Inverter Capacity
Grid Input Voltage 230VAC +10% & -20%
Phase/Connection 1Phase / 2Wire
Display Interface Graphical LCD with backlight[128×64]
Battery Parameters Voltage, Current
PV Parameters Voltage, MPPT Charger O/P Amps, Power, Energy, Cumulative Generation
Grid Parameters Voltage, Frequency, Power, Power Factor, Average Power, Cumulative Exported Energy
Load Parameters Voltage, Phase Current, Frequency, Power, Power Factor, Average Load
System Level Parameters Mode of Operations, Active Faults, Heat Sink / IGBT temperature, System Mimic
LED Indicators Mains On, Alarm, Buzzer Mute
PV Side Reverse Polarity, Surge Protection [Class D]
Battery Side Reverse Polarity, Over / Under Voltage, Current Limit, Temperature Compensation
Grid Side Over / Under Voltage, Over / Under Frequency, Surge Protection [Class D]
Load Side Overloads, Short circuit
System Protection Over Temperature trip, Breakers at all inputs
GPRS Web based remote monitoring system
Degree of Protection IP-21
Environment Temperature 0 to 55 degree [without derating]
Humidty Max 95% non condensing

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